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o365 questions:


 Can we set permissions within SharePoint when using O365 Groups? For example, reader, contributor, etc.

Ans : No

Q: the licenses are reusable correct? meaning, once you delete the group or person the license is then used for another user?

Ans : Creating a group, adding members or removing members has no impact to your license consumption.As Office 365 Groups simply require users to be licensed for the appropriate services (Enterprise, Business, Education SKUs, etc.).

  1. Give me migration options in o365

Ans : Hybrid, Cutover,Staged and Imap.

  1. What are the three main identity models Azure Active Directory users to manage user authentication in Office 365?


Ans : Cloud Identity

      Synchronized Identity

      Federated Identity.


Q . What’s the benefit of using a hybrid type over the other migration types?


 A hybrid deployment offers organizations the ability to extend the feature-rich experience and administrative control they have with their existing on-premises Microsoft Exchange organization to the cloud. A hybrid deployment provides the seamless look and feel of a single Exchange organization between an on-premises Exchange Server 2013 organization and Exchange Online in Microsoft Office 365. In addition, a hybrid deployment can serve as an intermediate step to move completely to an Exchange Online organization.




  1. Do you know what DirSync is? What is it used for?


 A3: DirSync, as known as the Azure Active Directory Sync tool, synchronizes your on-premises Active Directory users to Office 365. For details, I suggest you refer to: Plan for directory synchronization for Office 365.




  1. How will the user know if their mailbox has been moved to the cloud?


 In a hybrid deployment, once we have the Hybrid setup in place, and then Migrate that particular users mailbox to the cloud, exchange will push an update of those settings to that user. The user will get a notification ‘the administrator has updated your settings and you must restart outlook’. Once Outlook restarts, their RPC/HTTP settings will point to Office 365 automatically.


Windows Server Admin Questions and Answers :


  1. What is SMB ?


 Windows Server 2012 (and Windows 8) introduce a new version of the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol for transferring files across a network. One of the most interesting new features is the ability to encrypt files over the wire between two supported client.


  1. Tell Me About Active Directory Database And List The Active Directory Database Files?.

 Answer: The Active Directory database files as follows:

  • DIT
  • Log
  • Che
  • log and Res2.log.
  • Q.  What Is Use Active Directory Partitions? And How To Find The Active Directory Partitions And There Location?.
  • The different type’s of active directory partitions are as below:
  • Schema Partition–This partition stores all the details of the objects and their attributes, it also replicates to other domain controllers which are present in the Forest
  • Configuration Partition– This partition stores all the information about the Active Directory. The information includes  Site, site-link, subnet etc. this partition also replicates to all domain controllers which are present in the Forest
  • Domain Partitions– This partition stores the information of the domain which includes user, computer, group, printer etc. this partition also replicates to all domain controllers which are present in the domain.
  • Application Partition– This partition stores the applications information in Active Directory.Exampels– ForestDNSZones and DomainDNSZones

Q.Mention how many types of queries DNS does?

The types of queries DNS does are

1.Iterative Query    2.Recursive Que

  1. Explain what is the purpose of deploying local DNS servers?

A local DNS server provides the local mapping of fully qualified domain names to IP addresses.  To resolve remote requests related to the domains names on your network, local DNS servers can provide record information to remote DNS servers.

  1. Explain if it is possible to connect Active Directory to other 3rd party Directory services?

  Yes, you can connect other vendors directory services with Microsoft version.  By using dirXML or LDAP to connect to other directories.

  1. . How Many Domain Controllers Need To Back Up? Or Which Domain Controllers To Back Up?

Answer :

Minimum requirement is to back up two domain controllers in each domain, one should be an operations master role holder DC, no need to backup RID Master (relative ID) because RID master should not be restored.

  1. What Is Netlogon Folder?



Netlogon folder contain logon/logoff/startup/shutdown scripts which is inside the Sysvol folder.




PowerShell  Questions and Answers :

  1. How would you ping a remote computer with 5 packets using PowerShell ?.

Ans : test-connection.

  1. How will you check the default path for PowerShell Modules ?

Get-Content env:psmodulepath.

  1. What is that path where PowerShell looks to get modules information and how would you know about them?

Get-Content env:psmodulepath



  1. What are two ways of extending PowerShell?

   Ans :PSSnapins,Modules.

  1. Explain what is the significance of brackets in PowerShell?

Parenthesis Brackets (): Curved parenthesis style brackets are used for compulsory arguments.

Braces Brackets {} : Curly brackets are employed in blocked statements

Square Brackets []: They define optional items, and they are not frequently used.

  1. Explain about the PowerShell’s comparison operators?

Comparison Operators compares value in PowerShell.  Four types of comparison operators are used equality, match, containment and replace.  In PowerShell, one of the key comparison operators is –eq that is used instead of “=” sign for declaring variables.  Likewise, there are other operators like –ne for “not equal” , -gt ( greater than ) or –lt (less than.

  1. Explain what is PowerShell pipeline is used for?

PowerShell pipeline is used for joining two statements such that the output of one statement becomes the input of the second

  1.  Explain with an example how you can map a network drive in PowerShell?

To map a network drive in PowerShell you have to use the command like

# PowerShell Map Network Drive

$Net = $( New – Object – ComObject Wscript.Network )

$Net.MapNetworkDrive( “S:”, \\expert\LPTP99 )

In here the drive letter is “S:” and the Network share is called ‘Copartshare’ on a computer called ‘LPTP99.’


Need update from Cilent

Windows + PowerShell

O365 + PowerShell



  1. Technical support Engineer


No of Positions : 1



                                         Mandatory Skills : Windows, o365,python scripting


                                          Minimum 4 to 6 years of experience in Office 365 and Windows Administration.

                                          Operating Systems Experience: Windows Server 2012, Windows 10,Windows server 2008,2013,2016 and Linux Server.

                                          Familiarity with various operating systems and platforms.

                                          Ability to create scripts in Python.

                                          Ability to give individual contribution into migration projects.

                                          Experienced with Office 365 / Windows configuration.

                                          Experienced Windows Active Directory and Azure AD.

                                          Experience with Group policy management.

                                          Working knowledge  on SCCM.

                                          Experience with Power shell commands, DAG and clusters.

                                          Excellent communication skills.




                                  - MCP/MCSE Certification

Keyskills :
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